Wellco Boots

PLEASE NOTE: The Wellco company has been subsumed into Original SWAT. We have only very limited stocks of Wellco boots remaining. We don't sell Original SWAT but Salomon Forces boots and shoes will be on sale early 2015. 

In 1965 Wellco developed the Jungle Boot for the US Army. In 1991 General Schwarzkopf selected the Wellco Desert Boot as standard issue for troops deploying in Operation Desert Storm. Today, Wellco remains the top innovator in Combat Boots. From the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan we have supplied our best and bravest with the innovations needed to prevail in the world's toughest conditions. Today this mission continues as we outfit those currently fighting overseas as well as those returning home to face new challenges. It's this commitment that spawned our credo: There and Back. No matter where the battle lines are drawn. We remain dedicated to those willing to protect and serve.