DriFire - Mid Layer


The toughest jobs often require the toughest uniforms: strong enough to protect you against flame, arc-flash, and potentially dangerous conditions of everyday work routines, yet comfortable enough to let you focus on the task at hand so that you can do your job and return home safely. Our Comfortable FR Wear® is a full line of flame resistant clothing designed to meet safety standards without compromising comfort. Whether you are fighting for freedom overseas, ensuring our communities have adequate electrical service, or keeping our streets safe, we have the protective flame retardant clothing designed to meet your needs and those of other industries that encounter hazardous conditions on a daily basis. And best of all, the safety and comfort properties of DRIFIRE are inherent to our garments, meaning they will never wash or wear out for the lifespan of the garment. With DRIFIRE, you never compromise safety to be comfortable.

·      Permanent flame resistance that won’t wash or wear out

·      Self-extinguishing fabrics that will not burn, melt or drip when exposed to flames

·      Excellent wicking properties that move moisture away from your skin

·      Fast drying - significantly faster than cotton - to keep your body temperature regulated in hot or cold conditions

·      Antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and ensure you stay fresh

·      Comfort design features, such as flat-lock, drop shoulder seams to reduce rubbing and minimize skin abrasion

·      A range of fabric weights and designs that can be layered to increase protection while maintaining comfort

·      A full line of arc-rated clothing to ensure compliance with workplace HRC requirements

·      High-visibility, ANSI-certified Comfortable FR Wear® pieces to meet additional safety needs comfortably and easily

How DRIFIRE Is Different

Engineered for inherent flame resistance, DRIFIRE flame resistant workwear provides a potentially life-saving layer of protection. Garments and undergarments made with DRIFIRE flame retardant fabrics help to promote FR compliance by ensuring workers stay comfortable in a wide range of work environments. Our flame resistant fabrics dry faster than cotton, will not melt or drip, and will not deteriorate in performance with time and use. While not designed for direct, ongoing exposure to open flames or fire, our flame resistant fabrics and flame resistant workwear are engineered to withstand short exposure to flame and arc flashes without igniting or melting and dripping on wearers’ skin. Once the source of flame is removed, our Comfortable FR Wear® will immediately self-extinguish, limiting the amount of direct exposure to flame for wearers. Additionally, by keeping wearers drier and more comfortable, DRIFIRE helps to reduce the potential for steam burns and increases wearers’ ability to focus on the task at hand.