FirstLight Liberator STT (Strobe & Tasklight) Tactical Light

FirstLight USA


Originally designed as a high-performance lighting solution for law enforcement shooting, gun handling, control tactics, handcuffing and other applications the Liberator tactical flashlight has become the choice of operators throughout the world who demand a powerful flashlight without having to sacrifice the usefulness of their hands.


Because Liberator leaves both hands free, it allows you to do all the things youd do with a typical flashlight, but without having to sacrifice a hand to hold the light. You get the best of both worlds full use of both hands and maximized use of your light. Load/Fire/Reload/Clear, all in the same manner you would in broad daylight. No more armpit or mouth holds, dropped lights or slow and awkward manipulations. And, unlike a weaponlight, Liberator gives you the option of aligning your barrel and beam only when it makes sense. This capability, called First-Light Safe-Search, gives you all the benefits of a weaponlight, minus the liability.


The Liberator tactical flashight was started with a blank sheet of paper and created from the ground up, with the intuitive operation, superior ergonomics and the increased safety of the tactical professional in mind. The result is an intuitive lighting tool that works with you, not against you Liberator is built to fit you first.

Our Strobe model with exclusive task light. The Liberator STT tactical flashlight includes all the features of our ST strobing model, but with the added convenience and capability of our exclusive task light.


  • Black Type III Hard Anodized Finish
  • High Constant-On Button
  • Strobe
  • Task Light


When the illuminating power of the Liberator STT is simply more than what's necessary for a given task, the Liberator STT's Task Light feature is a perfect solution. Conveniently positioned to illuminate your hands with just the right amount of light, the Liberator Task Light provides an additional source of light for hands-intensive tasks - without having to go to your pocket or belt to grab a penlight.

Examining evidence, checking a driver's license, writing in a ticket book and much more - they're all tasks made easier, safer and more convenient through the Liberator STT Task Light. Liberator STT gives you the best of both worlds: the raw power of a 120-Lumen strobing LED, with the convenience of the Task Light when you need it. And all with the flick of a thumb using intuitive, easy-to-operate controls.


1. Brightness Control
Cycles between three levels of brightness. Also switches Task Light on and off when main LED is off (STT models only).

2. Constant-On Control
The "on/off" switch for continuous light in Constant-On mode.

3. Split-Switch Control
(GP, ST and STT models)
For added functionality o n select models, the Split-Switch is divided into two segments:

a. Controls Strobe functions on ST and STT models; controls instant Low function on GP model.

b. Momentary function provides instant light when not in Constant-On Mode; also allows instant transition to full intensity from any brightness level.


  • Liberator STT Tactical Flashlight (120 lumens, black)
  • Two CR123 Lithium Batteries
  • Black Belt Holster
  • MOLLE-Ready Retention Clip
  • User Manual
  • EZ Five-Step User Instructions
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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