Ops-Core - Helmets

Ops-Core Helmets

Ops-Core continues the pursuit of excellence in 2013 with both new products and improved versions of existing battle proven designs. In keeping with our founding vision, we have continued to refine our suite of solutions to provide the modern warfighter with the best equipment for every mission. Our focus ranges from fielding the lightest integrated helmets in the world to providing holistic headborne systems with the most protective coverage and situational awareness. Ops-Core reliability and durability is now going on its fifth year, and while that may not be as exciting as smoke and mirror presentations by some competitors, our products perform where it matters most - in the field.

Our helmet portfolio has been expanded with new ballistic material options to give customers more choices between types of threat protection, weight and price. The different shell versions use the same liners, retention and integration components to maintain compatibility with their lineage as well as existing and future accessories. This not only helps operators match the best equipment with their needs, but it also allows programs to outfit more personnel with the right equipment in various duty positions while keeping within budgetary and logistic constraints.

Improvements in hear-through communications technology and ballistic visor performance have resulted from leveraging synergies with our parent company, Gentex. Their production support has also helped us reduce lead times for standard products from over six months to less than three. There is still more work to be done, but with a current production capacity of 1,800 helmets / week, we are committed to getting our customers their orders faster and with less hassle than ever before. In 2013 we will be measuring our performance not only by our products, but also by our service to those who have loyally supported us over the years.

Ops-Core: countless options for countless missions, one soldier at a time.