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Massif® exists to strengthen those vital links between safety and performance, between you and your teammates, between you and the success of your mission. We know how much you rely on your gear, because Massif grew out of a need for better gear—for ourselves and for our teammates who, like you, put their lives on the line every day.

The founders of Massif were veteran search and rescue team members and alpine climbers whose missions (and lives) often depended upon the safety and functionality of our rescue equipment. Our jobs often required that we shelve our favorite outdoor clothing in exchange for officially sanctioned FR “protective” gear. In our view, the trade-offs between our thoughtfully designed and high performance personal gear, and the uncomfortable, inherently flawed “protective” gear that might save our lives in a flash fire scenario simply weren’t acceptable.

We initially thought we could solve the problem by designing our own rescue equipment, but soon found that the FR fabrics available to us simply didn’t have the performance characteristics we had come to depend on in non-FR gear such as stretch, warmth, breathability, moisture management, and adequate weather protection. So we took matters into our own hands and discovered that the only way to solve the problem was to basically invent new FR fabrics. We won’t go in the details of just what a huge and daunting undertaking that was – but thanks to a core group of extraordinarily dedicated people, we eventually succeeded in engineering a new generation of FR fabrics that began to meet our standards.

What started out as a means of strengthening the links between safety and performance for ourselves and our teammates, soon caught on among other rescue professionals, followed by wildland fire crews, aviators, and the military. As we expanded into new arenas, we recruited experts in those fields to put our gear to the test and give us feedback on how we could best tailor it to their needs. Our commitment to constant field testing and real-time design improvements has resulted in a product line that provides protection without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Massif started out in 1999 as a small company with a staff of two. Today, we’re a world leader in supplying flame resistant and high performance outdoor apparel to the military, law enforcement, search and rescue professionals, and the wildland firefighting community. Our commitment to providing the best gear possible to people with truly dangerous jobs has never changed. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.


There is nothing simple or routine about the design process at Massif. Massif was founded by mountaineers who knew first hand what it means to depend on the clothing you wear to protect your life and the lives of others. Their goal was to develop a line of outdoor clothing that better serves the needs of rescue professionals, firefighters, law enforcement, and military personnel. They succeeded, and Massif continues to rely on experts in the field to provide critical feedback on the fit, functionality, and overall performance of our gear.


In order to build garments that feel tailor-made to your job, we have a global team of field testers who challenge our gear under real-world conditions. Our field testers provide critical feedback that goes directly into our design process. We use their hands-on expertise to help us design new garments, improve our existing product line, and make sure we build gear with as much functionality and comfort as possible. This system doesn't stop once we finalize a design; it remains in place for as long as the garment is in our product line.


Until recently, creating a flame-resistant fabric or garment meant decreasing comfort and reducing critical performance characteristics such as breathability, stretch, and wicking. Massif began with the radical concept that protective flame-resistant gear can perform as well as the best outdoor clothing on the market. Since 1999, Massif has invested tens of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of person-hours engineering a new generation of performance FR fabrics that provide protection for people who take on the world's most dangerous jobs.

Most fabrics are made of combustible materials (such as cotton, nylon, and polyester) and will ignite when exposed to a flame. A flame hazard may be short-lived, but if your clothes catch on fire, the potential for burn injuries is exacerbated. Thus, the most important defining characteristic of an FR fabric is that it doesn't support combustion – meaning that, at least, it won't add to a burn injury; and, in many cases, will protect the user from getting burned by creating a thermal barrier between a flame hazard and the skin.

All of our flame resistant product have the following symbol on the care label: 

When you wear a Massif FR garment, you can trust that it will provide you with a proven combination of flame resistance, performance and comfort. The performance and comfort will be obvious. And hopefully, you'll never have an opportunity to learn about the quality of our flame resistance from a real world experience. But if you do, you'll be glad you invested in a quality product.


Many manufacturers advertise their products as "No Melt - No Drip" and imply that these garments are flame resistant. Be cautious of this type of labeling. It's true that when exposed to flame and heat, garments labeled as only "No Melt – No Drip" won't melt and fuse to your skin like garments made from conventional synthetic fibers. However, they will likely support combustion over a level deemed acceptable by international guidelines defining the level of performance for a garment labeled Flame Resistant. This greatly limits the level of burn protection these garments provide in a flash fire scenario.

The FR technologies used in Massif products provide a much higher degree of flame resistance. All of our FR fabrics meet stringent standards for Vertical Flame Resistance, meaning that when a Massif garment is labeled "FR," it provides true Flame Resistant protection.