Crye LVS™ Base Vest

Crye Precision


This item is not available to the general public and cannot be purchased online. Please email us for a quote.


The LVS™ system sets a new standard for concealable body armor. Crye's proprietary 3 dimensional forming technology allows us to shape the vest to directly match the contours of the human body delivering an unprecedented level of concealment and comfort that only this production process can deliver. Because it is molded, the armor will not crumple and fold up in the bottom of the carrier. In fact, the LVS™ base vest requires no external carrier at all. This is due to the unique “Insert As Vest™” architecture. This construction greatly reduces bulk and visual printing. The LVS™ system is extremely versatile. A wide range of optional covers allow the same armor panels to be quickly swapped between vest configurations. For instance a patrol vest can instantly become a tactical entry vest.. or anything in between. Additional side and abdomen armor panels are available to add even more coverage. The LVS™ armor is NIJ IIIA Certified. Made in the US from US materials.

  • Crye's proprietary IAV (Insert As Vest™) architecture dramatically reduces bulk and printing
  • 3D formed armor panels match the human body - delivering enhanced comfort & concealment
  • Base vest includes 2 built-in pockets suitable for radio, rifle mag, pistol, or pistol mags
  • Anti-microbial fabrics used throughout
  • Proprietary forming technique eliminates crumpling of armor
  • Wide range of optional carriers allow one system to economically cover many roles from low-vis to overtly tactical
  • Optional side armor panels are available
  • 2” and 4” elastic side straps provided with vest
  • Threat level: Certified NIJ-0101.06 Type IIIA

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