Drifire - Tactical Apparel

As a warfighter, you need gear that adapts to ever-changing conditions and allows you to fulfill your duties with unrelenting, steady focus. You cannot afford to let sweat or discomfort become a distraction. Whether you’re serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Special Ops, or work in Maintenance and Repair Operations, the proper military apparel can protect you from harsh conditions you may face overseas or at home. The DRIFIRE® line of Comfortable FR Wear® gives you the permanent flame resistant (FR) protection you need to be safe, with the comfort you deserve to keep you fresh and focused in any situation. Because at DRIFIRE, keeping you protected, comfortable, and able to do your job safely is our business.

Protecting Those Who Protect and Serve

Our inherent, no melt, no-drip flame resistant (FR) fabrics make sure that your Navy equipment, Air Force equipment, Army equipment and other military apparel will not melt or fuse onto your skin, should you be exposed to open flame or fire. All our Comfortable FR Wear® garments--from base layer T-shirts to combat shirts and flight suits--feature inherent, permanent FR and permanent comfort properties, that allow you to layer up or layer down to regulate your skin temperature and modify your level of protection to meet your needs.

Take Comfort in the DRIFIRE® Line of Comfortable FR Wear®

DRIFIRE’s military apparel is designed to withstand extreme conditions. The fabrics used in our garments feature patented moisture management technology that absorbs moisture from your skin quickly and dries significantly faster than cotton and other fibers, helping to regulate your skin temperature in hot or cold climates. Our garments also feature antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, ensuring that even in environments where proper hygiene is a luxury, you can stay fresh longer.

We know that comfort is vital when it comes to your clothing. Our garments are designed to increase comfort and function with you, not against you. With innovative design features like no-rub shoulder seams, accessible pockets, and fabrics that are as soft as your favorite tee, our garments allow warfighters to focus on the task at hand, minimizing distractions and promoting situational awareness.

Permanent Safety; Permanent Comfort

All of the comfort and safety attributes in DRIFIRE® Comfortable FR Wear® are inherent to our fabrics and permanent, meaning they won’t wash or wear out during the wearable lifespan of our garments.

DRIFIRE features include:

  • Inherent, permanent flame resistance
  • No-melt, no-drip fabrics that won’t fuse to your skin when exposed to open flames or fire
  • Excellent wicking and quick-drying properties to help regulate your skin temperature and keep you dry
  • Antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of bacterial odors, keeping you fresh even when worn for days without washing
  • Shirts designed with no-rub seams to eliminate irritation and discomfort when worn under heavy equipment or body armor
  • A range of garment weights that can be mixed, matched and layered to meet your needs across a range of conditions and climates
  • Hot and cold weather head and neck protection items designed to let you choose your level of coverage