Granite Gear - Tactical Load Equipment

For over 24 years Granite Gear has been about building performance oriented outdoor gear. Our mission has been to be an innovator of exceptional gear, and to that end we’ve shunned playing follow the leader. Our principle of innovation for the sake of higher performance   has won us many hard-core fans. We are driven to create for the small group of individuals who are driven to adventure.

These men and women make a regular practice of trekking through wild places and to the tops of peaks around the world. For those who follow this lifestyle, good gear can mean the difference between success and failure, and sometimes life and death. We think of gear as a tool with a purpose to help complete a job as effectively as possible.

So, when we where approached by some friends with military backgrounds asking us to consider developing a line of tactical packs that addressed the concerns of the modern tactical/military realm, we looked at it as an opportunity to continue to do what we do best

This line is a result of five years of collaborative effort. We think you’ll find our tactical gear to be a refreshing change: lighter but more than tough enough to handle the job, comfortable, and, we hope you’ll agree, “Well Thought Through”.

The line of packs is currently being revised by Granite with some deletions, new items and modifications to existing items. See individual items for details and we'll add the new stuff when it becomes available.