Ase Utra SL Series SL6 Suppressors (NOT FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC)

Ase Utra Oy


Ase Utra SL Series SL6 Suppressors

The Ase Utra S series SL6 sound suppressors are available to the larger hunting calibres from .338 Win Mag up to 375H&H.

The S series SL6 suppressors are updated and lightened variants of the earlier S6 suppressor.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra OY, the S series SL6 suppressors are manufactured out of 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding.

S series SL6 suppressors have a strong construction and are built for a long service life.

The S series SL6 suppressor adds only 123 mm to thelength of the weapon, the diameter being 45 mm.

S series SL6 suppressors are available with a variety of internal threads to fit directly onto the rifle barrel. 

Standard threads include for example M15x1, M17x1, M18x1, to fit most current centrefire rifles.

Australian Laws limit the sale of suppressors (silencers). Please contact us if you are a government user or have a Special Permit (Silencers).


The S series SL6 suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level by 22-23 dB (depending on calibre, ammuntion type, measurement location). 

The S series SL6 suppressors also reduce recoil and muzzle flash significantly.

Rifles tested with the AU S series suppressors, complywith the latest personal exposure limit set by the European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa tai 137 dB (C)).

Calibres Compatibility Chart
S series SL6 .338/9.3 338 Win Mag
9.3x66 Sako
S series SL6 .375 .375H&H
Weight 535-545 g
(Depending on calibre and thread type)
Diameter 45 mm
Overall length of suppressor 138-151 mm
(Depending on thread)
Added length to weapon 123 mm
Net sound suppresssion
(1m left of the muzzle, 9.3x62)
22-23 dB(A)
(shooters ear, .9.3x62) 21-22 dB(A) 
Warranty 2 years

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