Crye Precision CPC Platebags

Crye Precision


Sold as a set (front and back), platebags are custom fit for each plate size. Make sure to order a set of platebags to complete your CPC. These CPC platebags are also compatible with the Chassis. We recommend only using platebags that are either the same size as the vest, one size larger, or one size smaller. For instance, it is not recommended to use small platebags on a large vest. Please note, the CPC is designed for use with stand-alone plates. If you are using plates that require soft armor backing, a soft armor panel will need to be placed behind the plate. When you order a vest and platebags together, the kit will arrive assembled.


  • Integrated admin and magazine pouches on the front platebag
  • Rear platebag accepts zip-on panels
  • Can be configured as left-opening or right-opening
Note: using a smaller size platebag will make the vest fit tighter by about 5cm in the chest circumference. Using a larger size plate bag will add about 5cm to the chest sizing. Patents pending. Made in US from US materials. 

If not held in stock by Spearpoint items can be 8-12 weeks from delivery.  If urgent please contact Spearpoint direct at

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