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Granite Gear Dragster

The Dragster Weapon Case system has taken over 6 months to develop and has been through 4 generations of design. Through a collaborative effort with SOF Snipers, weve refined the drag bag concept. Our first goal was to dramatically reduce the weight without sacrificing performance or protection, and at 2.3kg, weve certainly accomplished that. The bag zips open and lays flat to turn into a shooting mat. On the leading end of the bag, a silent, quick scabbard opening allows nearly instant access to the rifle. The shoulder straps and handles tuck away into zippered compartments and the bag can be attached to our CHIEF Patrol pack by connecting into the packs side compression side release buckles. There are 3 pocket systems well suited to carrying the sniper essentials, and there is also a system for attaching ghillie material for the ultimate camouflage system. This is one of those it needs to be seen and used to be fully appreciated!


Weight: 2.0kg

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