Granite Gear iMag Pouches

Granite Gear Tactical


Granite Gear iMag Pouches

Granite Tactical Gear started from the ground up to design the most versatile and functional system yet imagined. Each single unit holds one or two mags securely and multiple units can be joined together or separated, giving you mission-specific flexibility. The Stealth Closure is quick, silent and nearly indestructible. When you pull on the bungee, it loads the auto-open feature, so that when the stealth closure is released, the flap is held up and out of the way. I-Mags Elite have open sides, and a grippy panel that holds the mags in place. I-Mags also have padded, enclosed sides.

  • Connection Is Hinged, Allowing Corner Mounting
  • Stealth Closure Is Quick And Silent
  • Holds One Or Two Mags
  • 500 Denier Cordura
  • Meets NIR Specification
  • PALS Attachment System

Available in: Coyote, Multicam and Black

Single Weight: 165g

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