Norotos AKA2 - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly



AKA2 - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly


The AKA2 mount is precision manufactured from high grade metal billet to achieve ultimate strength and tight tolerances resulting in the best wobble-free helmet mount on the market. Using both sockets the AKA2 night vision helmet mount is compatible to both PVS-7/14 and PVS 15/18/21 style goggles.


  • Features the latest helmet mount technology with interchangeability -between Horn Style NVG's & Dovetail NVG's.
  • Universal usage for PVS 7, PVS 14, PVS 15, PVS 18 & PVS 21
  • Backward compatibility to existing fielded Norotos Front Bracket mounting platforms.

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