Norotos INVG - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly



NOROTOS INVG - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly


Improved Night Vision Goggle Mount (INVG) features the latest helmet mount technology, Unique stowage positions, and our patented safty feature to assure continued system functionality when exposed to harsh environmental and combat conditions.



  • Right Eye / Left Eye option for viewing and stowage allows for continued peripheral viewing of NVG system for enhanced safety.
  •  Also compatible with PVS-14 when used with the Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter or a "J-Arm with a dovetail.
  • Optimized stowage position allows continual user knowledge relative to potential hazardous damage to NVG and /or users head.
  • Minimized accidental impact of NVG compared to conventional top stowage positions.
  • Side-loaded impact is minimized/prevented with Norotos' patented Force-to-Overcome (FTO) feature that will allow the NVG to sweep away in the event of side impact.
  • The "INVG" helmet mount currently necessitates user manual goggle "shut off".
Backward compatibility to existing fielded Norotos Front Bracket mounting platforms.

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