Norotos TATM - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly



Norotos TATM - NVG Helmet Mount Assembly

Developed for the Special Forces, Norotos patented Titanium Advanced Tactical Helmet Mount (TATM) is safe, reliable, durable, user friendly and provides optimal comfort and unique fit to each operator.


  • Compact and lighter in weight by approximately 25% of the performance specification
  • All helmet mount components (except pins, springs, balls, and washers) are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum and titanium
  • Helmet mount surfaces have durable finishes to withstand extreme environmental and field conditions
  • Operating levers, knobs and buttons are designed with tactile differentials for safe and easy operation
  • Vertical Height Adjustment: approximately 2.5cm
  • Eye Relief Adjustment (Fore/Aft): More than 3.8cm with 2.5mm incremental adjustments
  • Angle (Tilt Up/Down): 18 degrees
  • Safety Locking and Release Systems: Will not allow the Night Vision Device [NVD] to inadvertently release from the helmet mount; this positive safety system allows the operator to quickly attach or release the helmet mount from the helmet bracket with one hand, with or without gloves
  • Safety Goggle Release System: Incorporates a rotating knob (one-hand operation) that will not release the goggles until completion of 120 degrees of rotation (patented feature)

Directly Compatible Goggles:

  • PVS 15
  • PVS 18
  • PVS 21
  • PVS 7A/7C

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