PowerFilm 14 Watt Rollable Solar Panel



The PowerFilm 14 Watt Rollable Solar Panel is the perfect portable solar solution for waterlogged environments when you need to keep small electronics powered-up, or you want to supply a trickle charge to the battery of a boat without worrying about water. This is a great solution for boating, camping, or charging a 12V battery from solar in remote areas. 

How the solar panel works:

  1. Simply unroll the solar panel with the solar material facing towards the sun.

  2. Power your device or charge your 12V battery by connecting to the solar panel using the female car charger adapter (RA-2) or 15' cord with o-ring connectors (RA-11) (both included).

  3. Consider options to protect the battery from overcharging such as the 4.5A charge controller (RA-9) which protects 12V lead acid batteries.

What's in the package:

  • 14 Watt Rollable Solar Panel

  • Female car charger adapter (RA-2)

  • 15' extension cord with o-ring terminals (RA-11)

Common uses:

  • 12V battery charging

  • Remote power - cellphone/smartphone, fish finder, GPS

  • Camp lighting

  • Charging power-packs such as the GoalZero Yeti or EnergyBar 250

  • Ham radio

Suggested Accessories:

  • Male car charger adapter (RA-1)

  • 4.5A charge controller (RA-9)

  • Anderson Powerpole adapter (RA-13)

  • 12V USB adapter (RA-14)

Electrical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 14W

  • Operating Voltage: 15.4V

  • Current: 0.9A

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (in)

    • Rolled: 14.6 x 3.0

    • Unrolled: 41.8 x 14.6

  • Dimensions (mm)

    • Rolled: 370.8 x 76.2

    • Unrolled: 1,061.7 x 370.8

  • Weight (lb): 1.1

  • Weight (kg): 0.5

Operating Voltage and Current are typical values when tested under load at AM 1.5 lighting conditions. Power performance may vary due to temperature, light spectrum and other effects (minimum 90% rated when new).

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