RolaTube - Rapid Action Mission Mast (RAMM)




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The RAMM (Rapid Action Mission Mast) is a combined mast and antenna(s). The unique feature is the embedding of the antenna within the mast itself, and the deployment mechanism of the mast in its quick use format of rolling and unrolling.


  • Joint collaboration between Selex ES Ltd and Rolatube Expeditionary Systems 
  • Compact Mast 
  • Line of Sight (LoS) antenna(s) fully integrated within the composite of the mast. 
  • Plug and play 
  • Set up and take down time only 2 minutes each 
  • Environmentally qualified to Mil Std 810G 
  • Three variants: 
  • 30-108MHz 
  • 225-512MHz 
  • 30-108 & 225-512MHz dual band in mast 
  • Power: 25W 

    General Specification

    This specification is applicable to the following parts:

    • Dual V/UHF Antenna - Part No 9R8-2068
    • Single Band VHF Antenna (VHF aspects only) - Part No 9R8-2066
    • Single Band UHF Antenna (UHF aspects only) - Part No 9R8-2067


    • Mast dimensions:  Rolled: 180mm x 250mm in diameter
                                            Unrolled: 7m x 76mm in diameter
    • Mast Weight:          5kg nominal
    • Kit Weight:              7.4kg nominal


    Frequency:    VHF - 30 to 108 MHz

                          UHF - 225 to 512 MHz

    VSWR:           VHF - <3.5:1

                          UHF - <3.5:1

    Max Power:   UHF - 50W

                          VHF - 25W

    Nominal Impedance: 50Ω

    Polarisation:  Linear Vertical


    1 x Antenna Mast

    1 x Top Collar (with location lugs)

    1 x Secondary Collar (with Orange Rubber inserts)

    3 x 7.5m Guy ropes for Top Collar

    3 x 5.5m Guy ropes for Secondary Cuff (with Orange Tag on Tidy)

    1 x End Cap

    Cables(s) )X1 for VHF or UHF) (X2 for Dual Band)

    9 x Pegs

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