Zero Point Lightweight Electronic Diagnostic Kit

Zero Point


The Lightweight Electronic Diagnostic (LED) kit is designed to provide the EOD operator with a versatile, lightweight and capable electronic diagnostic tool kit. The kit is designed to allow the operator to safely perform electronic diagnostics on IED circuit wires, alarm wire bundles or assist in trouble shooting faulty electrical circuits. Each kit comes equipped with wire management and test leads, electronic multi-meter, a soldering station, non-conductive razor knife, and an assortment of small hand tools. The LED can be carried in the TIK.3 or in any other backpack. In addition to the above, a non-intrusive current probe is available as an optional item, sold separately

Fluke 88 V Multimeter
Zero Point Helping Hands Tool
REF Sheet: Electricity & Electronics
Wire Stripper Tool
Knipex Short Nose Pliers 11.5cm

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