Zero Point Tactical IED Kit 3

Zero Point


The Tactical IED Kit-3rd Line (TIK.3) consists of heavy access power tools and fast-setting epoxies. The textile case is also designed to accommodate the Lightweight Electronic Diagnostic (LED) and Radiological Accessory Kit (RAK) (each sold separately). The TIK.3 can be attached to our PIG-E Platform, carried inside the backpack of your choice, or carried down range using the carrying handles.

Custom Textile Case
Devcon 1 Minute Epoxy
DeWALT 18V Cutout Tool Kit with 0.6 Collet
DeWALT Impact Ready Hole Saw 3.81cm
Champion 5cm Metal Hole Saw
Marine Tuf-Cloth 30.5cm x 30.5cm

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