Zero Point Tactical Remote Pull Line Kit - 60m

Zero Point


The Tactical Remote Pull-Line 60m (TRP.200) is engineered to meet dismounted EOD operational requirements for quickly and effectively conducting remote pull procedures on suspicious items or ordnance. The kit includes 60m of Dyneema pull-line and a full complement of clamping, rigging, and cutting tools designed for quick attachment of the pull-line, decreasing time-on-target and limiting exposure to dangerous overpressure and fragmentation hazards. The kit also includes a hazard marking system suitable for day or nighttime use. The kit can be mounted directly to a MOLLE-compatible system.

Samson Dyneema 60m line
Ravioli Shot Bag
Zero Point Hinge Hook
Clear Path IR Marking Tabs
Titanium Stakes
Safe Standoff Card

Note: This is an ITAR product and is not available for sale to the general public.

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