Zero Point TiTAN (Titanium Targeting, Acquisition & Neutralisation Disruptor)

Zero Point


TiTAN (Titanium Targeting, Acquisition & Neutralisation Disruptor)

What better name than TiTAN to challenge the rutted EOD gods of outdated equipment?! With an acronym like TiTAN, one should expect mythological capabilities.

The TiTAN delivers and does so more than all the other 12 gauge IEDD disruptors combined!

Operational Capability:

Conventional & Dismounted EOD, General & Surgical Disruption, Robot compatible, Waterborne Operations, UXO

Key Features:

6Al 4V Titanium Alloy, Multiple Barrel Configurations, lightweight, Fully Tested and Characterized, Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board (WSESRB) Certified, Joint Service Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) Approved, Electric & Non-Electric, Detonator Bunkering, Uses L-Tech Approved 12 gauge disruptor rounds


12˝, 18˝, 24˝, & 30˝ Rifled and Smooth Bore Barrel options

60, 100, & 140 ml water load

0.68kg (Dismounted), 1.52kg (Fully Configured)


Custom textile, Multi-Loadout Configurable

TiTAN System Contents:

   Full Barrel Components (7 Parts):
      (1) Main Barrel
      (2) Smooth Bore Extensions
      (1) Rifled Bore Extension
      (1) Breech Cap
      (2) Protective Cap
   Zero Point Lightweight Stand
   Zero Point FRAG Sleeve (2)
   Breech Plug Assembly
   Aiming Laser
   Maintenance & Accessory Kit
   Zero Point TiTAN REF Sheet
   Zero Point Custom Textile Carry Case
   Zero Point Custom Combat Carry Sleeves (2)
   Pelican Storage Case

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