Crye Precision

Please note that the only items shown in this collection are either clearance stocks or product lines that we aim to continue stock-holding in select colours/sizes. We do still however have access to all active product lines and can Special Order them from Crye Precision in the US to meet specific industry client requirements.

Please email if you have an industry requirement for any non-stocked items or commercial quantities.

Crye Precision is the recognised leading innovator in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worldwide.  Crye designed and patented the first Combat Shirts which are now the standard worldwide.  Crye also designed the Multicam camouflage pattern, also now in worldwide use.  Crye also designs innovative ballistic helmets, load carriage, combat clothing, cold/wet weather clothing, and a range of accessories.

The ADF AMCU camouflage pattern design is licensed from Crye Precision. ADF issued Combat and Field uniform designs are licensed from Crye Precision. Crye JPC, AVS and other load carriage systems are in use with Australian SOCOMD and several Law Enforcement agencies. 

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