Integrated Survivability Systems

Spearpoint’s Integrated Survivability Systems provide and integrated and modular system of systems capability that enhances and supports the survivability of forces in the field. These capabilities are mostly unique, offering applications unavailable from other product ranges. The capabilities range from personal through to whole of force applications.  

Inflatech Deception Solutions 

Spearpoint offers a range of highly portal and realistic decoy and target systems.    These systems are in extensive use worldwide and cover a wide range of systems, including armoured vehicles, transporter erector launchers (TEL), fixed and rotary wing aircraft. 

Decoys have correct dimensions, RADAR cross sections (RCS) and thermal properties. 

New designs can be commissioned to meet any client requirements. 




Fibrotex Signature Management Solutions 

Fibrotex has developed and manufactured innovative Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world for more than 50 years. Delivering customisable multi-spectral solutions, Fibrotex products suit versatile environments and customer requirements. 






DefenCell Aircraft Revetment Solutions 

Spearpoint offers a modular range of highly portal fast construction and blast tested aircraft revetment systems.    These systems are in extensive use worldwide, with NSN and test data available. The barriers are available in 2 types, geotextile and gabions, and multiple sizes. 


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