Policy Statement

Spearpoint Technology (SS&T) has a commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, through the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS is implemented at all levels of the organisation in order to maintain a culture of continuous improvement. 

The QMS Policy has been developed by SS&T to provide a central reference point that clearly defines Executive Management’s commitment to quality service.  We are committed to conducting business that is of an acceptable quality, compatible with the vision of our business. 

It is recognised that a number of governing documents will also be implemented at an organisational level and will resultantly align with this QMS Policy.

These commitments are documented in our Quality Policies which form the QMS. This will be achieved through: 

  • Defining the responsibility of all managers, supervisors and staff to ensure that all aspects of the system are implemented in all areas. 
  • Establishing and maintaining a process-based approach that is understood and implemented throughout the organisation.
  • Maintaining a quality system that is routinely reviewed and evaluated for suitability, effectiveness and continual improvement.
  • Consistently meeting or exceeding Customer expectations including quality, timeliness and value for money; thus, providing a level of customer satisfaction, which ensures repeat business.
  • Responding to any complaints, acting immediately and effectively, ensuring that the company continually improves its products, service delivery and company resilience.
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all non-conformance and taking action to prevent recurrence.
  • Supporting the education and training of all personnel to continually improve their skills, knowledge and awareness and drives a practice and culture based on quality excellence.
  • Maintaining Technical design, calibration and testing equipment to ensure it will continually meet or exceed all applicable standard or statutory obligation.
  • Monitoring current performance, ensuring legal regulations are met as a basic requirement. While taking a proactive approach towards continued improvement that meets the expectations of our customers and community.
  • Demonstrated consideration of suggestions from customers, employees and other interested parties on improving service delivery and safety.