Integrated Expeditionary Systems

Spearpoint’s Expeditionary Systems sector covers tactical expeditionary equipment focussing on communications & tactical boarding.  This includes Rolatube light-weight comms; PTS manpack radio Power Supply/Docking Stations, HF solutions & expeditionary fly-away comms kits; TEA land/marine comms, PTTs & customised cables/solutions; Gentex/Ops-Core communications components; covert comms solutions; Olympia Triumph specialised tactical boarding equipment; Ear Phone Connect wireless, surveillance & tactical comms; Far Field Exploits covert body worn and vehicle comms, and Wrap Technologies non-lethal, remote restraint devices for first responders.


  • Rolatube: Lightweight, roll up communications masts, tripods & integrated antennae
  • Ops-Core communications solutions
  • Perkins Technical Services (PTS): tactical Power Supply Docking Stations & antennas & deployable USAR fly-away comms systems
  • IT2: Covert communications solutions 
  • TEA Headsets: Air, Land & Sea communications solutions & customised components 
  • Olympia Triumph: tactical boarding & entry solutions
  • Ear Phone Connect: wireless, surveillance & tactical comms
  • Far Field Exploits: covert body worn and vehicle comms
  • Wrap Technologies: non-lethal, remote restraint devices for first responders.

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